Beginning this year, Symposium will also recruit Symposium Fellows (SFs) to help lead student discussions during our summer programs in Beijing, Mumbai, and Shanghai in addition to the usual DLs. We are looking for college students who have a strong interest in teaching humanities and will commit to a rigorous training process (in the form of a series of faculty-led University Seminars on intercultural pedagogy) as well as a 10-day summer program in one of the three cities listed above. Upon the successful conclusion of their individual summer programs, Symposium will grant each of the SFs a stipend of 350 USD and reimburse their travel costs for up to 500 USD per person. Additional fundings for travel and potential homestay opportunities in the three cities might also be available.

Every SF is expected to submit a full syllabus after three on-campus training sessions. Every syllabus needs to incorporate three texts, including a local one, a Western one, and a non-Western non-local one. For example, a SF for the Mumbai program might consider the Bhagavad Gita, the Symposium, and the Analects. At least one of these three texts needs to be chosen from those discussed during the training sessions. Please note that the training sessions will prepare SFs for teaching texts that come from cultures unfamiliar to them. For students not living in New York City, these sessions can be attended over the phone—but attendance in some form is mandatory!

Symposium Fellows applications are now closed!