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Symposium in Pakistan is a program aiming to share liberal arts education and seminar-style humanities discussion with students in Pakistan. Launched in 2013, Symposium has brought opportunities to China, Singapore, Thailand, India and Japan, benefiting hundreds of local students and facilitating cross-cultural dialogues. And in 2017, Symposium is coming to Pakistan!

The program is organized and led by alumni and students of Columbia University and other global universities; this summer marks its first year running in Pakistan and will serve high school students from Grade 9 and above.  The program will be free of cost and will last for a week, conducted in English. Programming includes seminar style humanities discussions, daily reading assignments, writing exercises and various events such as guest speeches and talks from both the alumni and current students. Tentative reading syllabus includes Plato's Symposium, Montaigne's Essays and Cervantes' Don Quixote. A detailed schedule and agenda will be announced closer to the program start date.





July 24 - July 30, 2017

12 - 4 PM

Location: TBD



August 11 - August 19, 2017

2 - 6 PM

Location: TBD



August 02 - August 09, 2017

2 - 6 PM

Location: TBD


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If you are interested in joining our operating team and discussion leaders:

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Tentative Syllabus

 Plato,  Symposium

Plato, Symposium

 Montaigne,  Essays

Montaigne, Essays

 Cervantes,  Don Quixote

Cervantes, Don Quixote

 John Locke,  Political Writings

John Locke, Political Writings

 Machiavelli,  The Prince

Machiavelli, The Prince





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